Photo Metadata Conference

This was the

Photo/Video Metadata Conference

"Moving Images -
Moving Metadata?"

Thursday, 5 June 2014 - Berlin (Germany)


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Moving Images - Moving Metadata?
Video Metadata in Practice

Photo and video businesses are getting closer, many photo suppliers are extending their business to video. The companies which have started with photos are interested in using the same metadata fields with video as they do with photos.
This conference helped to extend the management of metadata from known photo-related procedures to the moving images. This conference also pinned down business requirements for precise annotations of video content.

Opening of the Conference by Alfonso Gutiérrez, President of CEPIC
Moderator: Andreas Gebhard, Getty Images

* Video/photo metadata practice survey

Presentation of the results of the video/photo metadata practice survey among CEPIC and IPTC members.
By Sarah Saunders and Michael Steidl

* Views of video businesses

Presentations and discussions by representatives from companies and organisations with a long term focus on video and its metadata and from companies just extending to video.


  • Pam Fisher, R&D Manager, BAFTA & Media Institute -
  • Thierry Berger & Matthieu Cousin, Prisma Media -
  • Ashley Byford-Bates, Global Head of Reuters Pictures and Archive Products, Thomson Reuters -
  • Mary Forster, Sr. Director, Search Strategy,
    Getty Images -

* How software can help you

Presentations by vendors of video management software.


Breakout sessions in the afternoon


Metadata Technology: how to make metadata stick to videos

A meeting of people with interest in taming a big challenge of video metadata: there are big binary files and small metadata - how to combine them best to be flexible and not to lose the metadata in workflows. This session will also discuss which metadata schemas help to preserve metadata in workflows across boundaries.

Moderator: Michael Steidl, IPTC ( introduction)
Participants from Adobe, Canto, Fotoware, Reuters ( ), Skyworks ( ) and many other companies and organisations joined the lively discussion. Results in short:
* a discussion should be started to define a widely shared set of metadata fields which are shared across video businesses ...
* ... and photo businesses
* focus on simplicity of this set of fields

Metadata of Cultural Heritage images

A meeting of people with interest in the progress of Cultural Heritage efforts for extended and more precise metadata of images.

Moderator: Sarah Saunders, Electric Lane - (with discussion)